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Skin Care 101 with Dr. Brandt

Waking up every morning looking flawless is difficult, but it can be achieved with proper skin care. Shut up, Beyonce. Yesterday night, I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Fredric Brandt at an event hosted by Birchbox. He gave an insightful speech about what women can do to improve their look, and told us about his new LaserFX Serums. There are 3 different serums, each priced at $78 (1 oz.): the Perfect Serum (targets lines and wrinkles), the Lift Serum (targets sagging skin), and the Bright Serum (targets dark spots). Each blogger was given the option of choosing one item they wanted in their goodie bag. I opted for the Bright Serum since the wrinkles and sagging skin will come much, much later in my life.

I was able to grab Dr. Brandt for a quick interview before the event was over. Here’s what he had to say:

L-R: Dr. Fredric Brandt, me, and Stephane Colleu. He is the president & CEO dr. brandt® skincare

L-R: Dr. Fredric Brandt, me, and Stephane Colleu. He is the president & CEO dr. brandt® skincare

What is the most common problem you see with the patients in your office?

I would say pigmentation issues and discoloration in the face, either broken blood vessels or brown spots. It usually starts in the 30’s and up. That’s also a good age to consider Botox.

What is the most important skin care routine that most women don’t know about or forget to do?

Most women are still not applying sunscreen every day, believe it or not. They’ll spend all this money on all these creams and they don’t wear sunscreen! So they’re trying to repair their skin but they keep damaging it. You got to remember sun light goes through windows, goes through car windows, and house windows, every day in your life, the sun hits your skin. I think most women are not consistent in their skin care.

I’m guilty of that. I do wear SPF powder though, sometimes. Can I get away with wearing the powder if I miss the cream?

The SPF in the powder, I think, is harder to distribute evenly on the skin. I like the lotions and the creams better because it can absorb into the skin.

Tell me five interesting things about you that I couldn’t find when I looked you up before this event:

I’m very health conscious. I do yoga 6 times a week. I eat very healthy, juice a lot. I do practice what I preach! I collect art, and I am heavily involved in research.

One of my favorite moments from yesterday was getting a consultation and hand massage from Julie Concepcion, who offered me the ultimate “mom advice”, saying:

Everyone should have a serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. You are never too young to use eye cream. My daughter is 16, and she wears it. You want to prevent it early, you know? You use your eyes – you blink every day, you smile, you laugh, you cry, it affects your eyes. Always protect.

Slap on some serum and moisturizer, and start waking up flawless*